misc things

A place for my meta ramblings and other things for this story!

how it all started

In the good old days of January 2022, I was looking for song suggestions for my character playlist on Spotify when I came across the song Mr. Capgras. As a music enjoyer I did enjoy this weird ass song with a title that was way too long (mostly because it also fit one of my characters). A few days later I went ahead and listened to the rest of SELF-ISH, and well, I was hooked!

I ended up listening to the rest of Will Wood's discography, including Everything is a Lot and The Normal Album. Will quickly became one of my favorite artists, and I enjoyed picking apart the meanings behind his songs. By the end of January I decided to design some character adopts loosely based on these songs to sell and/or trade. One of them was based on two songs at once, and they were first named Capgras & Cotard. Not one day has passed before I ended up keeping the design and I started to doodle a lot of stuff for her. I was big on another project at the time, and I told myself if I was ever gonna make a story for this silly dude, it's gonna be pretty short and sweet. It was decided at the start that Capcot would have some sort of memory loss, and their goal is to remember who they both are.

I got Scarlet in a trade because I really liked their design and they fit the story pretty well--I was even able to associate a Will Wood song with them! Though to be honest, they didn't have a solid personality until I was able to add two more characters in the story. One of them was an old character that I reused as an antagonist here, and one of them I always planned to have a mystery attached to him. These first four characters--one for each of Will's albums, and one with a different combination of songs--eventually kickstarted the story as I'm working on it today. The rest of the characters followed suit, however it was becoming clear to me that this wasn't going to be a short story after all...but it's not like I'm complaining, I'm having a blast writing for these dweebs.


Q: Do I have to listen to Will Wood's stuff to get into this story?

A: Nope! While his work heavily inspired the themes of this story, the lore, plot, and character development of this story was developed by me separate from his work. Yes, I did assign some secret connection between the songs based on what's already there, but ultimately it doesn't take away anything if you just want to read about it without listening to his songs.

Q: What format will this story take shape?

A: As of writing...I honestly have no idea. My first thought would be to make it a webcomic or a video game...it makes a lot of sense to make a music video series because of the inspiration, but the more I think about it, the more I go "I can't really properly convey the lore and some of the story bits in this form." It's still up in the air but that's my thoughts as of right now.

Q: May I make a fancharacter for this story?

A: Right now--and this applies to all of my current stories--fancharacter-making is only allowed for my friends. I'm planning to release some of the lore first before I allow everyone else to do that...I am a fancharacter enjoyer and I'd honestly be so flattered to see your fancharacters but I have to think more about it first, especially since my stories are very personal and they mean a whole lot to me.

Q: Has anyone actually asked you these questions?

A: Nope! I mean some of them has been asked to me, but I'm just filling up the space here.